We manufacture high quality and highly technological products

since 1985

We are a company with many years of experience in the field of formulation, preparation of compounds and the production of polypropylene granules.

Our Achievements

Constant updating, care of the relationship with the customer and investments in research and development make us a company always in step with the times.

New Technologies

Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to carry out a great variety of tests, with the aim of innovating and always aiming for a perfect result. Our challenge is to create high technological materials, producing small and large quantities based on requests.

Customer Satisfaction

More and more satisfied customers, thanks to the attention we pay in fulfilling their requests.

Value for money

Thanks to our long experience, our company offers high quality standard products, ALWAYS WITH THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS OVER TIME and with really advantageous prices.

Production Phases

Our production method follows criteria that have been highly consolidated over the years, taking care of each creation step by step.


Laboratory with equipment dedicated to experiments and tests on raw materials and outgoing products.

Production and Extrusion

We are equipped with several production plants with extruders of different capacities dedicated to realization of our polypropylene compounds.


Samples to be submitted to our customers are made in our laboratory, thanks to the help of a micro production plant and a press for molding specimens and plates.


Arrangement of raw materials and finished products in a large storage area of about 12 thousand square meters.

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