Mission and Goals

The strength of GB PLASTIC’s work policy is the constant search for new solutions dedicated to the creation of new products, to the improvement of organization and productivity. Our mission is to be constant and timely, so as to respond promptly to any need. Our priority is to maintain the quality of the service offered and to guarantee the uniformity of product features in the long term.


We update and purchase new equipment and machinery for a greater focus on researching the most peculiar characteristics of the processed material.

Problem solving

We are constantly looking for new solutions in the field of additives and from new materials so as always to be ready for changes in market needs.

Production processes

We subject the materials to a large number of tests, in order to create the perfect required product.


We offer highly technical and aesthetic quality products thanks to constant study and experimentation combined with a set of cutting-edge technologies, as well as certified production and control systems.


Experimentation is the basis of our work. Continuous tests on the uses of new additives and new raw materials allow us to expand the range of products sold.


We never stop but work every day to improve, looking for more and more technical materials.


Our laboratory is super equipped and allows us to carry out most of the tests necessary for the precise definition of the product.


We carefully monitor the production step by step to improve its quality.


In order to guarantee correct functioning and to give our products characteristics that are always constant over time, all production plants are subject to regular checks.

Customer experience

Customer satisfaction first: we are committed to ensuring that each product responds with extreme accuracy to the desired features.


Since the early 2000s we have been certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015


We test every single production batch several times, following the detailed procedures of our quality system


Suitable packaging and storage in dry environments allow the goods to be transported safely and to resist for a long time without requiring desiccation.

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